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To improve prevention and management of diabetes and hypertension at decentralised levels.  ncd

Objective Three will attempt to address the growing issue of diabetes and hypertension which now affects around 18% of the Fiji population. This Objective aims to improve the delivery of primary services related to preventing, detecting and managing diabetes. This is to be achieved through activities such as regular population screening; building the capacity of Nursing Stations, Health Centres and Sub-Divisional Hospitals to screen, test, treat and monitor diabetes and hypertension; strengthening the role of the National Diabetes Centre to operate as the focal point for diabetes policy and training; and introducing a personal diabetes record book for people with diabetes.

These activities will be complemented by public campaigns aimed at raising the awareness of lifestyle factors that increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension and other NCDs, and the importance of early detection and management of diabetes and diabetic foot sepsis.

The expected outcomes for Objective Three are:

a. Provision of population screening for diabetes and hypertension undertaken bi-annually for all persons over 30 years of age;

b. The publication of the Adult Personal Diabetes Record Book, developed in collaboration with the MoH; this book will provide an effective mechanism for ensuring the continuum of care of people with diabetes;

c. Establishing quality diabetes centres, developed in collaboration with the MoH, established at all Sub-Divisional Hospitals and selected large urban health centres;

d. Strengthening the national Diabetes centre to serve as the national focal point for diabetes training and policy; and

e. Capacity building and training of health care professionals to ensure the whole spectrum of continuum of care.