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To remain engaged in the Fiji health sector by contributing to the Fiji MoH’s efforts to achieve its higher level strategic objectives in relation to reducing infant mortality (MDG4), improving maternal health (MDG5) and the prevention and management of diabetes, as outlined in the MoH’s Strategic Plan (2011 – 2015).

The Program is split into five Objectives with resources provided in the areas of specialist personnel, equipment, transport costs, training materials and infrastructure upgrades across each Objective.

1.Objective One:      

To institutionalise a safe motherhood program at decentralised levels.    

2. Objective Two:      

To institutionalise a “healthy child” Program throughout Fiji

3.Objective Three:  

To improve prevention and management of diabetes and hypertension at decentralised levels

4.Objective  Four:    

To revitalise an effective and sustainable network of village/community health workers (VHW/CHW) as the first point of contact with the health system for people at the community level.

5. Objective Five:    

 To strengthen key components of the health system to support decentralised service delivery.